Monday, February 25, 2013

Remergence of Mahathirism and Tun Mahathir

I have not been at my blog for quite sometime. Tell everyone I am coming back. I just cannot stomach at what Mahathir is doing. He was quiet or made to be so only during Pak Lah's time. Yes he even left UMNO after he failed to become a perwakilan at the Branch level in Kedahin 2006. See how UMNO rejected him at that time. BUT after Najib became PM, Mahathir hidup semula. Najib is a NOVICE as far as Mahathir is concerned. Najib can be made use of by him and this is what Mahathir had been waiting. Remember! Mahathir has Najib's file! so is every MKT member during his time. Thats how this Mandalay operates.ANYONE WHO TRIES TO defy HIM WILL BE SHOWN HIS file. EVEN ANWAR IS NO EXCEPTION! Najib dares not defy Mahathir"s orders. He has to follow him by the nose. Najib's hands are tied. His Cabinet members are MOSTLY Mahathi'rs cronies. This means Najib can NEVER COUNT on their loyalty as their TRUE loyalties are to Mahathir WHO THEY regard as their godfather. In fact Najib has to tread very carefully,because anyone of them is ready to stab him in the back for Mahathir. That's why Mahathir's voice is getting louder and louder by the day. Purportedly to help Najib in the GE13 CAMPAIGN. But people know, if Najib cannot win with a better margin than 2008, Mahathir will just KICK him out and get Muhidin to replace him as PM and UMNO President In fact this is what Mahathir wants. Mahathir prefers Muhidin to Najib to safeguard his LEGACIES and to ensure the continuity of his his son Mukriz in the UMNO political mainstream. Mahathir cannot and will not trust Najib to do this for him. Of course if Najib performs better that 2008, Mahathir will claim the CREDIT for that. You see he is a genius STRATEGIST but an evil one. So he can go round the country trumpeting what he had done for Najib and of course his CRONIES, The Media, like Utusan and NST will RESONATE his proclamation even louder But if BN looses, hah, SCENARIO is going to be more interesting. All the shady deals involving highway, power water privitisation will be reviewed to see whether these had been done with transparency, accountability and integrity. Mahathir, Daim and all his cronies who had been involved and who are still alive will (remember this was going on for 23 years during Mahathi'rs premiership) have to testify in Courts just like what the Indonesians did to Suharto or the Philipines to Marcos. By gully, THIS will definitely come which every Malaysian will REJOICE. I bet you BN might lose in the GE13 which many people are already predicting. The MOOD is they just want CHANGE because people are fad up of the BN just like they were fade up of Mahathir during 2008. People wnat to give Pakatan a chance and there is no better opportunity to do that than the GE 13. Because if you dont' you will have to wait for another election , 4 or 5 years more down the road. Anad anything can happen during that period. Things can get worse or can get bettr also.You give BRIM, you give that and all handouts - yes people will take them. Because they know that money is their money and nothing to do with BN or Pakatan for that matter!! The PERTINENT question to ask is is THAT the BEST way to help the Rakyat. Is it not better to BRING THE COST OF LIVING DOWN? e g reduce petrol prices, power, water and other essential basic necessities. You give 1000 or 500 rngit - will be finished in no time- just like giving someone a fish to eat just for the day instead of teaching him how to fish so that he could eat the rest of his life. A DESPERADO PROGRAMME indeed. The Fear of BN loosing is also manifested by the various moves made by the corporate people who had benefited under the BN regime especially under Mahathi'r tutelage.There are moves to privatise listed entities, mergers and demergers. Of course there are legitimate business reasons for doing this but one thing that cannot be dismissed is that it is a form of DEFENSIVE strategy to obstruct possible public scrutiny later on if such eventuality arises. If we privitise MAS for instance , a lot of the previous deals which the airline went through can be hidden especially if there were shady deals done so many SKELETONS that can be uncovered, once the Pendora Box is let open! You notice too people are writing books on issues and people, the most prolific among them is Tun Mahathir. Mahathir is building his defence since he left Office because HE KNOWS that HE may be called upon to face the music in Court one day if the people's POWER warrant that and of course no one can ever stop it if it BECOMES GOD's WLL for Mahathir to do just that! I am sure many people have been praying for that to happen and it could be KUN FAYAKUN

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