Monday, February 25, 2013

Remergence of Mahathirism and Tun Mahathir

I have not been at my blog for quite sometime. Tell everyone I am coming back. I just cannot stomach at what Mahathir is doing. He was quiet or made to be so only during Pak Lah's time. Yes he even left UMNO after he failed to become a perwakilan at the Branch level in Kedahin 2006. See how UMNO rejected him at that time. BUT after Najib became PM, Mahathir hidup semula. Najib is a NOVICE as far as Mahathir is concerned. Najib can be made use of by him and this is what Mahathir had been waiting. Remember! Mahathir has Najib's file! so is every MKT member during his time. Thats how this Mandalay operates.ANYONE WHO TRIES TO defy HIM WILL BE SHOWN HIS file. EVEN ANWAR IS NO EXCEPTION! Najib dares not defy Mahathir"s orders. He has to follow him by the nose. Najib's hands are tied. His Cabinet members are MOSTLY Mahathi'rs cronies. This means Najib can NEVER COUNT on their loyalty as their TRUE loyalties are to Mahathir WHO THEY regard as their godfather. In fact Najib has to tread very carefully,because anyone of them is ready to stab him in the back for Mahathir. That's why Mahathir's voice is getting louder and louder by the day. Purportedly to help Najib in the GE13 CAMPAIGN. But people know, if Najib cannot win with a better margin than 2008, Mahathir will just KICK him out and get Muhidin to replace him as PM and UMNO President In fact this is what Mahathir wants. Mahathir prefers Muhidin to Najib to safeguard his LEGACIES and to ensure the continuity of his his son Mukriz in the UMNO political mainstream. Mahathir cannot and will not trust Najib to do this for him. Of course if Najib performs better that 2008, Mahathir will claim the CREDIT for that. You see he is a genius STRATEGIST but an evil one. So he can go round the country trumpeting what he had done for Najib and of course his CRONIES, The Media, like Utusan and NST will RESONATE his proclamation even louder But if BN looses, hah, SCENARIO is going to be more interesting. All the shady deals involving highway, power water privitisation will be reviewed to see whether these had been done with transparency, accountability and integrity. Mahathir, Daim and all his cronies who had been involved and who are still alive will (remember this was going on for 23 years during Mahathi'rs premiership) have to testify in Courts just like what the Indonesians did to Suharto or the Philipines to Marcos. By gully, THIS will definitely come which every Malaysian will REJOICE. I bet you BN might lose in the GE13 which many people are already predicting. The MOOD is they just want CHANGE because people are fad up of the BN just like they were fade up of Mahathir during 2008. People wnat to give Pakatan a chance and there is no better opportunity to do that than the GE 13. Because if you dont' you will have to wait for another election , 4 or 5 years more down the road. Anad anything can happen during that period. Things can get worse or can get bettr also.You give BRIM, you give that and all handouts - yes people will take them. Because they know that money is their money and nothing to do with BN or Pakatan for that matter!! The PERTINENT question to ask is is THAT the BEST way to help the Rakyat. Is it not better to BRING THE COST OF LIVING DOWN? e g reduce petrol prices, power, water and other essential basic necessities. You give 1000 or 500 rngit - will be finished in no time- just like giving someone a fish to eat just for the day instead of teaching him how to fish so that he could eat the rest of his life. A DESPERADO PROGRAMME indeed. The Fear of BN loosing is also manifested by the various moves made by the corporate people who had benefited under the BN regime especially under Mahathi'r tutelage.There are moves to privatise listed entities, mergers and demergers. Of course there are legitimate business reasons for doing this but one thing that cannot be dismissed is that it is a form of DEFENSIVE strategy to obstruct possible public scrutiny later on if such eventuality arises. If we privitise MAS for instance , a lot of the previous deals which the airline went through can be hidden especially if there were shady deals done so many SKELETONS that can be uncovered, once the Pendora Box is let open! You notice too people are writing books on issues and people, the most prolific among them is Tun Mahathir. Mahathir is building his defence since he left Office because HE KNOWS that HE may be called upon to face the music in Court one day if the people's POWER warrant that and of course no one can ever stop it if it BECOMES GOD's WLL for Mahathir to do just that! I am sure many people have been praying for that to happen and it could be KUN FAYAKUN

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Most people see only two sides of the Bersih Episode, either against or for. Such a take is not only superficial but also lacks depth on the real issue. To those who are anti government or pro Muhyidin groups in UMNO want to DISCREDIT the Government and Najib as leader .Some bloggers for instance take the opportunity to capitilise on this debacle to shore up Muhyidin's reputation to replace Najib as PM because he did not handle it well. Because of this fiasco, Malaysia's reputation internationally had been tarnished somewhat (depite official denials), the Malays are becoming more and more divided. Racial issues too are becoming more into the limelight in Malaysian politics fuelled by PERKASA. In short they want UMNO to pass a no confidence vote on Najib and replaced by Mohyidin before things turn for the worse.Those who know long enough UMNO politics, such a scenario is not unusual particularly when the party leadershp or Goverenment is facing a crisis of sort.

But when Najib took the premiership, he made his commitments to the people, amongst others that his administration will fight corruption, reinstate the reputation of the judiciary and its independence, more efficient and effective public delivery systems and above all to uphold the principles of INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. But are these not also what the Pakatan and for that matter the Rakyat want?. So where is the problem? The problem IS, in as much as Najib wants all these he has to ensure AT THE SAME TIME that whatever he does, he must not upset the applecard or spill the beans. His designated priority as laid down by the UMNO power brokers is to protect the LEGACIES that had been associated with UMNO and its leadership in the past. And the FACT is if Najib were to carry out what he as PM wants for this country and the people, it WLL HURT and can even DESTROY some people and the lagacies associated with them. Worse still it may open the PENDORA"s BOX which the power brokers and groups within UMNO who had been and continuing to be "BENEFICIARIES" will never let that happen at any cost.

. We must remember Najib INHERITED legacies from the past leadership especially POLICIES, PROJECTS and FINANCIAL FIASCOES that have far reaching consequences which are now rearing their ugly heads. Just take the Toll roads and the Power concessions issues among many others. See how much time and resources Najib and his administration have to spend to handle these problems and above all to defend and justify such policies. Then the Judiciary issue, the most important of which is the Lingam tape debacle. It is just left like that with NO ACTION taken as if this debacle is NOT IMPORTANT and is of no CONSEQUENCE. This is contraray to what the public wants. Very obvious Najib must have been "advised" by these entrenched vested interests and power brokers not to do anything because it could implicate a former Prime Minister. And also the various huge "Financial scandals" that had happened over the last two decades- have been SILENCED. Why?

Najib is severely HANDICAPPED, in fact HAMSTRUNG by the fact that he is still being SURROUNDED by politicians, power brokers and officials who are very close and loyal to the previous regime and leadership. In the PM;s Department, at least 60 %of the staff were inherited from the past regime. Of course these people have been put there on purpose and planned WELL IN ADVANCE to ensure that the NEW PM will not do anything UNTOWARD to such legacies. But more importantly, it also has bearing on future leadership line up in UMNO after Najib as PM. Najib would like to have someone whom he knows well to succeed him. Obviously Hishamuddin is the man. But should Najib's tenure as PM is shortlived and succeeded by Muhyiddin, his choice will be more pointing towards Mukriz. And this is what Tun Mahathir wants when the time comes, to protect and perpetuate his legacies in the annals of Malaysian history. Tun Mahathir was never at ease with Abdullah on this issue because Abdullah knows what the Tun is planning. Although a bit slow Abdullah has his own mind and WILL NEVER KOWTOW to Mahathir. In the end he got so fadup he left UMNO for the second time.

The Tun may not be there to see it happened but at least he had already paved the WAY while his influence on the powers that be are still strong. Muhyiddin is certainly more sussceptible to fulfill Mahathir's wish than Najib.

Unless Najib can totally EXTRICATE himself out of this SYSTEM which is Tun Mahathi'rs regime continuum , he will forever become a "PUPPET" Prime Minister, more precisely a boneka of sort Yes it is a harsh comment to make but that is the truth. Najib has inherited so many skeletons in the cupboard! and this has put him on the defensive all the time

. Najib should learn from Tun Mahathir what actions to take after he was sworn as Prime Minister. First build your power base within UMNO and the BN compononent parties. Get the right UMNO members who can work and deliver and make sure that these people carry no "baggage" whatsoever.And most importantly KICK OUT those who are known to be puppets or henchmen or loyalists to the previous leadership. The reason is simple You want things to be done YOUR WAY in a CLEAN and Transparent manner. This is very IMPORTANT for your image in the eyes of the Rakyat. Now these jokers do not know let alone understand what INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY mean.

Najib should also learn one more vital lesson from Mahathir. Make sure that his No2 man is not and will not become a threat to his position. You have to be Michavallian on this issue but NOT ALL the time, lest you will be accused of being a dictator, like Mahathir. Just see how Mahathir systematically eliminated his no 2 one by one (three in all) just like the Mafia style until there is no more threat from any party aspirant. Even that is not enoughfor him He also wants to make sure that he has "stupid" people around him. Stupid here does not mean "morons" but individuals who are not fit to offer views, especially dissenting views or give good professional advice. Remember Mahathir never like to have people around him who are "smarter" than him, be it in the Judiciary, Civil Service or the Police. He prefers only half past six people who will bow to his wishes because He ONLY knows best

The BOTTOMLINE is that despite Najib's many ambitious Economic and social programmes like the ETP, GTP, Regional Hubs etc may not in the end add much to his credential as long as he is operating under the UMNO culture nurtured and developed over the last two decades under Mahathi'rs tutelage. Najib must THINK and ACT outside the box. Get his new UMNO team in place. In addition, talk to the PKR and PAS leaders who are on the same wavelength with him. They also want to develope this country and make the rakyat prosperous. They may be your political opponents but certainly not your enemies. There are many young and bright Malays and other Malaysians that had gone over to the opposite camp for you to tap their brains and energy. In fact they easily OUTNUMBERED those you have in the UMNO youths most of whom are only concerned about their flashy cars, high living styles and publicity seeking. And above all they continously depend on political nepotism and business handouts to FUNCTION which we all know are not sustainable in the long run. and certaily bad for the Malay image and reputation

Although there are extremists amongst them, remember you also have extremists in UMNO and even "enemies" within UMNO. The KEY is to have the RIGHT PEOPLE around you who are committed to your Agenda and not just apple polishers. No harm for Najib to tap the experience of those that have worked with his late father and who are still active physically and mentally to get a new or different perspective of things.Sometimes the Harvard trained or the Oxbridge trained people have their shortcomings too, especially on experience.

Please REVIVE the TRUE and REAL spirit of the Barisan National which Tun Razak your late father did before it is too late. The silent majority want to see this country prosper and people of all races live side by side in peace and harmony which is the dream of our Father of Independence, the Tunku. I know you can do it as the son of Tun Razak and I would like to see it done for our children sake. Remember this is your show and your TIME. Do it YOUR WAY and just go to hell with the past leadership and legacies.

Friday, March 18, 2011


For Tun Dr. Mahathir, ATTACK is his best line of defence. Attack here takes various forms. Getting Daily Publicity in the mainstream media and Electronic is one way. Accepting invitations to deliver talks even at low level Forums or universities is another. And so is participating in forums or discussions or to be seen with organisatins that are in cohort with him. As long as his picture is constantly DISPLAYED DAILY or every ALTERNATE DAY , that is good enough for his final OBJECTIVE which is to PROTECT HIS NAME and LEGACY

We can expect more reactions from various people on his memoirs in Doctor in the House, especially those who disagreed or feel MISREPRESENTED on the FACTS in his stories.

His Attack Strategies will continue unabated,to prepare the MINDS of the people especially those in the 30's and 40's age group who knew NO OTHER Prime Minister than Tun Dr. Mahathir.He will make sure these groups are indoctrinated with all the "feel good' stories and achievements that have been associated with him, as Prime Minister for 22 years PLUS other superlative attributes accorded to him ranging from the likes of Third World Leader and spokesman, Visionary Leader and a God sent leader for this Nation. If not how can he LAST for 22 years.! This is what he wants this young generation group to think and to reason. Just because they have not seen the "DARK SIDES" of his stories!

But wait. We should see other memoirs coming from other political leaders including Civil Servants with their own versions. Already TWO BOOKS have been written, one by Ahmad Mustapha, Tun Mahathir's nephew entitiled "Membangun dan memusnahkan Malaysia" literally translated "Developing and Destroying Malaysia" a narrative of CONTRAST between Tun Mahathir and Tun Razak two ex Prime Ministers and another book by Shafee Yahya titled the "Shafee Yahaya Story" We urge the young generation to read these two books and others that will soon be in the market to have a "BALANCED" and FAIR evaluation on Tun Mahathir. Bear in mind that many of the ISSUES written in these two books were never DEALT with by Tun Mahathir in his Memoirs. In fact these had been SIDELINED or conveniently forgotten. Remember the Tun hs suffering from LOST MEMORY as manifested by his inability to remmber and hence to answer questions posed to him during the Lingam Tape Royal Commission Inquiry.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tun Mahathi'r Book - A Doctor in the House

Mahathir's book came after Barry Wains's book. It is a REBUTTLE of sort what Wain had written in his book,"Mahathir the Malaysian Maverick". Of course Mahathir in his book only sees ONE SIDE of his story. But a coin has two sides,so is his story seen from the EYES other than Mahathir's. In his recent book Mahathir tried to preempt a lot of his misgivings and misdeeds in the past the SKELETONS of which might emerge or uncovered as time goes on. Remember this old man is VERY CONCERNED that HISTORY may judge him most unfavourably. Of course, as he always say in his usual outspoken manner, "Why should I care what people say". The TRUTH is he CARES what PEOPLE SAY and HOW HISTORY will judge him. He always says THE OPPOSITE of what he actually means. That IS Mahathir. Hence he will use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING within his power to prevent this to happen and to ensure his LEGACIES are preserved.

That is why in a nutshell he squashed all his critics and all CRITICISMS on his Michavalian methods by saying he did what he believed to be the best for the country. But he NEVER enumerated the COSTS and HARDSHIPS, the WASTAGE that had been incurred to fulfill his EGOES or so called VISIONS. Did he ever say anything on his involvement in the Bank Negara Financial scandal which incurred a Forex LOSS of nearly RM 40 billion in early 90's? which is PITTANCE compared to the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle of just RM 12 billion!. Again the SOCIAL and ECONOMIC COSTS that had been incurred for the country for PERWAJA and PROTON National Car projects. Malaysians were forced to pay very high prices for cars just to protect Proton. Perwaja is another fiasco with RM 10 billion losses. He never mentioned how PETRONAS MONEY had been used during his tenure of 22 years. Are these money PRODUCTIVLY spent for the benefit of the Rakyator just grandiose or MEGA projects which have no DIRECT benefit to the common on the street and in the rural areas except just being lulled into believing that Malaysia has developed with the existence of these MEGA Landmark Projects like the Twin Towers, The Formula One Circuit, the big KL International Airport. Mahathir never admit his mistakes because he knows MORE than anybody else. His logic of thinking is simple. No one CAN be smarter than him or else that person should be the Prime Minister. And there is only ONE Prime Minister at one time. Secondly, the BOSS is always RIGHT.

We can expect the Tun to continue with his CRUSADES to protect his name especially to the young generation which now constituites bulk of the Malaysian voters. He will organise seminars, conferences, of course under various auspices but with him behind them all. He will make sure that institutions of higher learning are STAFFED by those who "KOW TOW" to his ideas and philosophy and of course these so called "intellectuals" had been BENEFICIARIES of his regime. It was during his time they were appointed, promoted or showered with titles etc. Sure they will NEVER FORGET the HAND that gives them the BREAD or the hand that FEEDS them.

Not all will buy his stories in his book and not many will be hoodwinked by his initiatives either especially when all these are being systematically trumpeted through the main Government mass and electronic media. Some time we wonder the tremendous PUBLICITY he gets by the New Straits Times and Utusan, almost DAILY more than the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister. Some people now begin to wonder who is the real Prime Miniter?

People are not stupid, at least most of them. They now READ and RELY MORE on the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. I do not think that Mahathir will ever WIN the WAR against him although he may win the battle. History will judge him differently than what HE would LIKE to be judged. Many Malays are not surprised for his UnMalay behaviour of late , like to MEDDLE in national affairs as if he is still the PM. Not surprising at all. After all he himself is not a true Malay. The generation (BEFORE his father) was not very clear as there were no records on his ancestership lineage. The only thing people of this country know that they were full blooded Indians from Kerala. But certainly not punjabi or Malayallam but most likely Tamil as most people alleged.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Those of you who had not seen the Book by Barry Wayne on Mahathir the Malaysian Maverick., please get one now as the book is no longer banned by the Government. Why it took so long for the Government to uplift its ban? Many said it was Mahathir's DIRECTIVE to the present Government. Mahathir needed time to do his ROADSHOWS to prepare the MINDS of people especially the young generation before this BOOK get into their hands. These roadshows, especially at institutions of HIGHER LEARNING had now been completed. Like it or not Mahathir still calls on the shots. Unlike Abdullah who many described as the "sleeping PM" , at least he has a mind of his own and CAN NEVER be under Mahathir's thumb. But not Najib. You know why? There may be something that Mahathir has on Najib that Najib just cannot run away from and does whatever Mahathir directs? You have a guess. Grapevine stories had it that Singapopre Lee Kuan Yew too has that.

Coming back to Mahathir, he is rest assured FOR NOW that his LEGACIES (especially the various Financial Scandals) as revealed by Barry Wain would be protected or kept under the carpet as long as Najib is PM. Because Najib will NOT take action on anybody involved in these scandals that had squandered public money billions of ringgit. Nor will Najib try to RECOVER such money OR apprehend those responsible. ONLY a NEW Government CAN DO THIS and can bring those ionvolved in the scandals to JUSTICE, just like what Presiden SUSILO Bambang did to Suharto. Najib knew that to open the Pandora box on these scandals or revisit them would mean inviting DISASTER for UMNO as the PARTICIPENTS in all these are still around.But not for the majority of all Malaysians or the well being of the country. Question, Should we try to RECOVER the money? We SHOULD whilst Mahathir is stil ALIVE.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SODOMY 2- Annuar's Trial

This is my first posting for the New Year 2010. So much water had gone under the bridge in 2009. This time my blog will see a mixture of English and Bahasa. Right now the hot topic is Annuar's sodomy trial.I can write pages and pages on this subject, but I will not. But just ponder over this

. Kita tak tahu samaada Anwar melakukan perbuatan yang terkutuk ini. Kita juga tidap tahu sama ada ini ada lah "komplot" UMNO untuk membunuh karier politik Anuar buat selama lama nya. Kerana jika beliau "convicted" atas tuduhan ini, beliau akan di penjara. Kita tak tahu berapa lama. Dan salepas menjalankan hukuman beliau tak bolih memegang apa apa jua jawatan politik selama 5 tahun. Ini bermakna Annuar tak bolih bertanding PRU 2012 dan juga 2016. He will go into oblivion in Malaysia's political arena for ever

Olih itu mari lah kita berdoa supaya Allah SWT tunjukkan di duniawi ini apa yang sebenarnya ia itu YANG HAK . Dan kita berdoa juga jika Annuar melakukan perbuatan ini kita mahu Allah SWT menghancurkan karier politik beliau kerana memang beliau bukan sahaja tak layak menjadi PM bahkan cukup menjijikan sebagai pemimpin. Dan sebalik nya jika ini komplot Najib, kita juga mendoakan yang sama ia itu Najib akan di laknat olih Allah SWT dan di gugurkan jawatan nya sebagai PM dan menerima padah yang sama atau lebih lagi kerana "MENGINYAYA" seorang insan dan juga apa jua perbuatan yang beliau lakukan yang salah dari segi undang undang Allah SWT.dan undang undang Negara

. YANG BERSALAH mesti menerima hukuman bukan sahaja di DUNIA ini bahkan di AKHIRAT nanti Ini lah DOA kita sebagai Rakyat siang dan malam

Allah SWT pelihara Malaysia dan Rakyat nya

Kita tunggu saja

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Presiden UMNO Dato' Seri Najib telah menyampaikan amanat nya kepada perwakilan UMNO di Perhimpunan Agung yang baru selesai. Mesage beliau senang. Ahli UMNO mesti bekerja keras untuk mendampingi rakyat,peka terhadap kehendak dan rintihan mereka,berkhidmat untuk rakyat bukan untuk perut sendiri. Yang penting sekali, jangan terlibat dalam rasuah, kerana persepsi rakyat UMNO ada lah parti rasuah. Jangan minta kontrak dan jagan mengharapkan habuan darimana mana pihak.

Terus terang di nyatakan amat SUKAR bagi UMNO untuk berubah lebih lebih lagi memenuhi kehendak Presiden nya .Pemimpin pemimpin UMNO dari peringkat yang tertinggi hingga lah ke peringkat cawangan telah sedikit sebanyak terlibat dalam "rasuah" maupun politik "nepotisma" dan "cronisma". Ini telah menjadi periok nasi mereka bahkan mereka telah banyak mendapat munafaat dari sistem yang sedemikian. Tak mungkin mereka akan bolih berubah menjadi "Orang Alim"atau "Wali"bencikan rasuah atau lebih tepat bencikan "wang"dalam sekelip mata. Kehidupan mereka akan terjejas jika sistem ini tidak lagi wujud dalam UMNO. Ahli ahli akan marah kerana tak dapat apa apa lagi saperti kontrak, lesen dan sebagai nya, UMNO mungkin menghadapi Krisis dalaman yang besar.Mahu tak mahu UMNO leadership terpaksa "give way" sedikit sebanyak, "SECARA SULIT" kerana jika ia di ketahui umum. UMNO akan di chap mengamalkan ""double standard"atau cakap tak serupa bikin. Namun pada hakikat nya perkara ini akan berlaku DAN terus berlaku atas dasar "political expediency" Ini bermakna UMNO akan pergi ke takuk lama atau "business as usual"

Rasuah dan perkara perkara yang berkaitan dengan nya telah menular dalam UMNO sejak zaman Mahathir. Bahkan Tun Mahathir dan Tun Daim lah yang MEMPERKENALKN RASUAH kepada UMNO serta ahli ahli nya. Bahkan kepada Negara keseluruhan nya. Di zaman Tunku Abd Rajman, Tun Razak dan Tun Hussein Onn, RASUAH chukup jarang kedengaran, bahkan tak berlaku sama sekali

. Tapi di zaman Mahathir-Daim RASUAH berleluasa. Mereka ada lah PELOPOR serta PENGASAS perkembangan Rasuah di Negara ini. Tapi malang nya UMNO hari ini tidak mahu menerima KEBENARAN ini. Kerana apa? kerana mereka juga mendapat MENAFAAT yang banyak daripada nya. Tun Mahathir memang licik tentang hal ini hinggakan ahli ahli UMNO tidak sedar bahawa mereka telah berada dalam gengaman beliau apabila terlibat dan menjadi sebahagian sistem ini. Mata mereka telah menjadi buta dan telinga pekak atas perbuatan rasuah mereka hinggkan mereka hidup dalam "DUNIA MEREKA SENDIRI", jauh dari Rakyat dan lama kelamaan terpinggir langsung dari rakyat jelata

. Mereka terus berpoya poya dengan kekayaan, kemewahan mereka, dan sanggup menyatakan bahawa Orang Melayu sudah Berjaya dan tidak perlu lagi "Pertolongan" Mereka telah menjadi kacang lupakan kulit kepada bangsa nya sendiri

Jika UMNO mahu perubahan, sekurang kurang nya antara 10 hingga 15 orang Menteri UMNO sekarang mesti di singkirkan kerana mereka terlibat dalam rasuah. dan tidak cekap, lebih mementingkan perut dan kuncu kuncu sendiri.Rakyat jelata tahu siapa di kalangan mereka itu.

Dulu Azlina menjadi Menteri. Apa sudah jadi pada Sukan negara. Punah tetapi beliau jadi kaya raya dan duduk diam sahaja menekmati kekayaan yang baru di perolihi. Khir Toyo juga sudah jadi millionair, Isa Samad di N.S dah lama menjadi millionair, mungkin billionair.

Selain daripada itu beratus ratus kuncu2 dan Macai macai juga akan terjejas jika tidak ada rasuah. Mereka ini ada lah orang orang yang menjadi barual membuat kerja kerja "warlords" UMNO saperti menaburkan wang di waktu pilihanraya, memberi sogokkan kepada kakitangan Kerajaan untuk mendapatkan kontrak2 dan lesen2, juga mendapatkan khidmatan2 saperti urut mengurut dan bekalan gadis gadis dari luar negara datang sebagai pelancong untuk keperluan ahli ahli politik dan koprat koprat UMNO MCA dan MIC. Kita dapat lihat di kaca TV dari masa ke semasa serbuan di buat atas pendatang haram. Ini semua ada kaitan dengan parti yang memerintah!! Itu sebab nya pihak penguatkuasaan (Enforcement) tidak berdaya atau putus akal untuk membenteras gejala gejala ini kerana di sebalik ini semua ada "invisible hand" yang memberi sokongan untuk memenuhi dan keperluan mereka yang berwajib.

Kesedaran yang di perlukan bagi UMNO hanya akan menjadi KENYATAAN sekurang kurang nya 20 tahun lagi, apabila mereka mereka yang berkuasa sekarang tidak ada lagi. Itu pun jika kita BERMULA dari sekarang sapertimana yang hendak di cuba olih Dato' Seri Najib. Kita mendoakan semoga beliau berjaya dan di harap juga beliau tidak pula kecewa jika hasil yang beliau mimpikan terhadap UMNO itu tidak menjadi kenyataan atau dapat di lihat dengan cepat kerana UMNO telah di ROSAKKAN olih Tun Mahathir begitu lama selama 23 tahun!! Bayangkan lah. Jika seorang bayi lahir pada mula Mahathir memerintah, bayi itu telah menjadi dewasa sekarang dan bolih mengundi. Dan yang penting sekali bayi itu telah membesar dalam suasana yang di bentuk dan di olah olih Tun Mahathir sendiri.

Satu cara lain yang RADIKAL yang bolih di fikirkan untuk menyelematkan Negara kita yang tercinta ini supaya tidak terus pergi kepada anjing "Gone to the dogs" ia lah membuat percatuan politik yang RADICAL, bermakna Najib perlu membawa Anwar dan Hadi menjadi satu PASUKAN,dalam GAGASAN SATU MALAYSIA DAN juga membawa KAUM CINA dan INDIA bersama kerana orang Melayu dengan sendiri nya tidak akan bolih memerintah negara ini dengan jaya nya tanpa SOKONGAN orang Cina dan India.dan kaum kaum yang lain. 'Sistem BERKONGSI KUASA"semestinya menjadi TERAS pemerintahan Negara ini. Bagi kaum Cina Najib bolih bawa Dr. Tan Seng Ghiaw dari DAP bersama. Ini pernah berlaku di zaman Tun Razak apabila membawa Tan Sri Dr. Tan Chee Koon yang pada ketika itu dari Parti Socialis Front untuk duduk semeja berunding Akhir nya Tun Razak telah di jemput olih Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Koon untuk merasmikan KELINIK beliau. Kedua dua anak Malaysia ini BERJIWA BESAR!!

Bentuk SATU DASAR GAGASAN SATU MALAYSIA di mana di bawah nya akan di adakan beberapa Dasar Social dan Ekonomi yang menitikberatkan kemajuan UMMAH keseluruhan nya tanpa mengira kaum dan ugama untuk menjamin PELUANG yang saksama (equal opportunities) dengan memgambil kira pihak2 yang masih LEMAH dan ketingalan dan tercicir dalam masyarakat majmok kita. Tidak mengwujudkan millionair2 lebih2 lagi Instant Millionaire. Kita mahu kekayaan Negara di kecapi olih rakyat secara adil dan saksama. Tidak ada lagi Kronisma dan Nepotisma.

Untuk mencapai matlamat ini mereka yang memacu nya mesti BERJIWA BESAR, mengutamakan Negara dan Bangsa lebih dari kepentingan kelompok, kaum atau suku sakat. Bolih kah Najib, Anwar, Hadi dan Dr, Tan Seng Ghiaw duduk semeja? Sebenar nya tak ada pilihan lagi bagi Orang Melayu, Cina India dan lain2 kaum SELAIN DARI BERSATU. INGAT NATIONAL UNITY ada lah yang TERPENTING SEKALI dan merupakan SEGALA GALANYA bagi Negara Malaysia. TANPA NATIONAL UNITY tidak ada sebarang bentuk program pembangunan social, ekonomi maupun politik akan bolih wujud dan bertahan dalam Negara ini

FIKIRKAN lah cadangan ini sebaik baik nya dan seikhlas ikhlas nya